Etsy adventure

If anyone has followed the links on the right of this blog you will know I have a couple of stores on Etsy. I have about 800 sales between the 3 stores and generally have not had any major problems. Small things have happened but nothing worth writing home about.

I recently had a problem that falls outside of that and would like to write about it here and hopefully help other people who may run into the same person. If you sell on any Internet venue you are welcome to write to me and I will send you the persons full address so you won’t become a participant in his games. He has a Polish name and uses a German, Munich, address as a mailing destination. I have laid out the details below but basically this guy purchased items from me and 3 other people and then claimed they weren’t delivered. In one case he specifically inquired and insisted the seller not send them so that a delivery signature would be required.

I will post the following which is a write up that subsequently got me into hot water and threatened by Etsy “Trust and Safety Department” with banishment from certain emailing privileges from the Etsy enviroment.

I will give some background on the threats from the Etsy staff. I emailed a number of people on Etsy to warn them about this guy. I found out through these exchanges that he has done the same to at least 3 other people excluding me. I then emailed Etsy to ask them if they would check this guy out as he seems to be involved in a pattern of fraud and deception. They sent me a reply that they have decided is confidential. It in effect says I should never tell anyone else on Etsy about problem customers and if I do then I am up a creek without a paddle. And, by the way, this is all confidential.  So, I discover some guy ripping off people on Etsy and I am in the wrong. Interesting take on things from the self described “hipsters” over at Etsy.

I have asked Etsy what concrete actions they are taking over there to protect the sellers and prevent this thing from happening. I would think a pattern of 4 purchases made on the same day all being cancelled and refunded by the sellers should set off some kind of bells in the Trust and Safety Department. I am waiting for their answer. In the meantime the guy still has an active account on Etsy.

The following is a copy/paste of the email that I sent to about 10 sellers on Etsy.

This is togei, aka. Dave. I recently had an experience on Etsy with a very unreasonable buyer to whom I ultimately gave a full refund to since he was so difficult. I looked at his Etsy profile and his favorites. He has a large number of your items marked as favorites. If you would like to have his name and Etsy store I will pass it on to you to perhaps save you the same headache.
The gist of the problem is he INSISTS on the seller being responsible for the delivery of the package after it has been mailed even though he also INSISTS he shouldn’t have to pay for tracking/insurance. That is to say he threatened to open a claim on Paypal for non-delivery even though the package hasn’t been given enough time to be delivered.
Let me know if you want his name.

End copy/paste

A couple of the sellers replied and so I sent them this.

His Etsy name is TKXX, and his name is Tomasz Karpinski.

I sold and mailed a 2900 yen, roughly 37$ U.S., kimono slip. It can take up to 8 weeks to get to anywhere by SAL, the method I state clearly in my listings as the method I use and also state isn’t insured nor trackable. I got the following emails from him EXACTLY 29 days after I mailed it. I suspect, since he is so sure it isn’t going to arrive, he may be doing a scam.
Be careful.


I gave him a refund as it seemed impossible to try to communicate with him.


About togeii

I have lived in Japan for 19 years doing ceramics almost the whole time. I have a wood burning noborigama and a long snake kiln.. I
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4 Responses to Etsy adventure

  1. Scott Wrixon Rossiter says:

    Here is Tomasz Karpinski’s ebay info: there may be hundreds of victims…
    His ebay name is:
    Email addresses he uses:

    • didi says:

      He pulled the same scam on our company!!! He ended up doing a chargeback on his credit card, so it cost us double! What a creep.

      • Scott Wrixon Rossiter says:

        I have just been informed by the Hertfordshire Police that Tomasz Karpinski has been arrested. I, and many others have provided them with a great deal of evidence that he will now need to answer to.

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