I am glazing for my next firing. I have 2 glazes I am working with. They are both feldspar glazes but 1 is about 10 years old with a lot of added in glaze. Over the course of ten or so years I have run out of glaze and mixed up more, usually with the same materials but sometimes with feldspars, ash, etc., from different areas. The result is a glaze that is nice but not close to my original glaze. I have used that hodge-podge for 1/2 of the glazing and for the other 1/2 I have mixed up a batch of the original glaze. I want to compare both after the firing. These photos are of the original glaze as I am applying it.

second nobori firing (3) second nobori firing (4) second nobori firing (1) second nobori firing (2)

About togeii

I have lived in Japan for 19 years doing ceramics almost the whole time. I have a wood burning noborigama and a long snake kiln.. I
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