Update #6, final

I finished last night at about 9:00 pm, almost exactly 96 hours after beginning. I fire by myself except for the last day. This is the longest firing I have done and I did it in the ‘Abe Anjin’ thinking. Fire all day, back-off at night. My back-off consisted of waking up every 60 minutes and putting 1 or 2 massive, whole logs into the fire box and almost completely covering the air inlet. I lost some temperature each night but only about 100-200C. Not a bad loss in exchange for my sanity.

I have my next firing ready to go and will unload and reload to try to fire next month.

Things I learned this firing.

Abe Anjin probably has 10 assistants wherein I have none. I need to use fire day, back-off method for a maximum of 2 nights and go harder during the day.

Large, whole logs are your friend. They aren’t friendly to your back.

Firing alone is difficult. I already knew that but this time re-affirmed that.

Go down the slide for life head-first.

I used this for inspiration. I actually have a different document downloaded to my computer but I can’t find the link to that so I will offer this one. I haven’t listened to the video below but the part that I read every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is the part that starts If you will humor this old sailor for just a moment, I have a few suggestions that may help you on your way to a better world.

Here is a link to a text of the speech.



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I have lived in Japan for 19 years doing ceramics almost the whole time. I have a wood burning noborigama and a long snake kiln.. I
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