Japanese antiques, recent finds, 5-2012

Rough day at the auction.

It started out with me losing the first 5 times I put in bids. There are 3 or 4 people at the auction who I am usually in direct competition with. They and I have the same size wallet is one way to put it. They don’t always come to the auction and often times only 1 or 2 of them will come. On those days I am happiest.

This time I actually got into a bidding skirmish with a guy who owns the shop the I first started studying at. We both wanted some Ko-Imari covered bowls. I don’t have the financial stamina that he has and my feints in bidding didn’t work.  Bidding usually increases in set amounts. 1,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 50,000 yen, depending on the price of the item. Most of the items I bid on increase in the 1,000 yen range. Since the auctions are 80% tactics based I tried to bluff that I was willing to go much higher with larger bid increments. Result.  5 losses in a row.



About togeii

I have lived in Japan for 19 years doing ceramics almost the whole time. I have a wood burning noborigama and a long snake kiln.. I
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