Noborigama, last day, I hope.

I left the kiln last night with 1006C. in the first room, 691C. in the second. I woke up to 676C. in the first, 540C. in the second.

I had a burner in the kiln. I am using a mixture of kerosene and heating oil, 重油#1 and 灯油 for those of you in Japan. The heating oil is old, I think about 10 years old.  I am using it because I want to move the barrel it is in and need to use it up.  I closed the damper, leaving it open only about 1-2 cm.

I have had a very consistent 320C. —  350C. difference between the two rooms while firing.

This has been a far easier firing than any of the more than 30 or so I have done in this kiln. I also seem to have used less wood although that is always hard to tell. I usually have to fire from side stoking holes in room #1 and #2 to get past 700-800C. I have yet to start side stoking even though I have peaked at over 1000C. Even though I am sure all men say the same, I have an exceptionally large firebox. At least that is what everyone tells me. It is about 180 cm. long by about 200 cm. wide.  I don’t have any type of fire grates. I just push the wood in and feed more into the fire.

About togeii

I have lived in Japan for 19 years doing ceramics almost the whole time. I have a wood burning noborigama and a long snake kiln.. I
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