Pocket Marche, 11-27-2011

Once again. Pocket Marche.

I went to help my wife with this podcast as accompaniment, http://www.jaffejuice.com/across_the_sound/ Joseph Jaffe talking to Geoff Ramsey about marketing.


What is the start of world peace?? 10,000 accordions at the bottom of the ocean.

I will say again that the organizer of the Pocket Marche event can teach artists a lot about marketing, building community and what Seth Godin calls tribe.

This was the best attended yet of the 10 or so Pocket Marche events. The organizer said there were 25,000 people that came. I always laugh since the declared atttendence consistently goes up. The reason for my laugh is there isn’t any way to count the attendees. People can enter from at least 5 different directions that aren’t connected and can leave by the same. I am sure the next event will see an attendance of at least 28,000.

This was, judging from the crowds, the largest crowd. It was also I think a turning point for the event. I heard for the first time attendees that have been coming since the beginning say that there were too many people and that it was tiring. I also know of one mother that left her children with her husband at a food court across the street since the crowd was so large it wouldn’t be possible to enjoy as a family. And this is a family event, or so it is billed. I think that the marketing and community building, tribe gathering, have been so successful that they have risen to the height of their incompetence. I will watch to see if there is a change in the nature of the market since the reason it was a well kept secret is out and it is now so successful it is difficult to get around with so many people.


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